Perhaps Multi-Tasking is a failure mode and not a success mode.

So, I just had a thought that contradicts modern sociatal norms:

Is multi-tasking truly a valuable work skill? Or life skill?

Perhaps modern society's fixation on being a 'good multi-tasker' is a bad idea. How many unfinished books do you have in your house? How many 1/2 done projects in your life? After a while multi-tasking just become a life filled with bits and pieces, like so much flotsam and jetsam from trying to ship too much, too fast and too unsafely.

We love to watch the Olympics because the athletes are the BEST at something - often just one solitary thing.

Maybe the idea of 'multi-tasking' should be rethought? Maybe it is a liability for happiness and success?

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A Visit with Master Artist John Grimball

I recently attended the Gallery event of Master Painter, John Grimball at the Art Affair Gallery Lakeway. The gallery is so tres chic and beautiful as to merit a separate discussion, but for the moment I can’t get John’s canvases out of the eye of my mind.

As a writer, I need to step away from my little writing world and experience new art, new perspectives and inspiring events. The whole “all work and no play makes Steve a dull boy” preventative sanity check; which is cured by the muse of other artists. The mastery of other inspired hearts expands my mind and clears my soul. This is good for my writing. This is good for me.

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Positive Review of Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain

It is nice to hear from readers. I recently received a very nice compliment from a reader about my Top Ten Cures For Sciatica and Back Pain. The book is currently #26 in sports medicine as I write. Anyway, this note was especially rewarding for me as an author because my work obviously helped the reader.

The email reads in part:

Hi Stephen,
I purchase your Top 10 cures to sciatic kindle edition on Amazon yesterday. I am impressed by the book. You gave comprehensive information about the painful condition. The pictures your presented were helpful. The thing I liked the most is that you are only one of the few authors who highlighted about muscle problems which might trap sciatic nerve. Most people were focused only on the disk herniation aspect ofitalthough

Grover Norquist The Fool Who Would Be President

I squeezed in a very funny political satire over the weekend. It really is well research for a small work (about 50 pages)

Grover Norquist - The Fool Who Would Be King is a breezy, enjoyable read about a timely and pressing issue. Mainly the undue influence that a single lobbyist can have over a political party.

Certainly, the 'fiscal cliff' and political gridlock in Washington can be traced directly bact to Lobbyist Grover Norquist. How did this happen? How could a single man put a strangle hold on Lady Liberty's neck?

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