Tea Party Infighting Comes Together to Harm ACA

n if those two are not smart enough to understand that fact. He holds control on the Tea Party Caucus because he holds their ideology. He rebukes them at will, and will ultimately back another Neo-GOP against his minions if necessary, in order to remain in power.

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Tea Party Caucus Member by Wikipedia
Here is a chart of Tea Party Caucus members. This is a snapshot of ideology. The red stuff is what has infected the nation’s finances. These little red areas are where Tea Party members of Congress call home.

This isn’t exactly a nice cross section of the nation. Literally, these red areas decided how best to run the WHOLE entire country.

Heck, those Mormons in Utah have a hard time managing all their wives –– who are they to decide the fate of the rest of the nation.

A casual glance at the chart demons