Top seller on Depression Cure back on the charts at #77

Depression Symptoms Decoded is back on the best seller charts in Mental Helth --> Depression.

My book on depression cure made it back on the charts today. It is number #77 in depression. This is wonderful as it is such a helpful book it sometimes outself the Nation Institute of Health's diagnostic book on depression.
However, I get about 15% returns for this book due to strong adult content. The language, events and behaviors are based on darkest side of depression. If you are experiences the 'blahs or doldrums' this is NOT for you! Think injury based depression with genuine and sincere PTSD and anger over loss. Again MATURE CONTENT.
As an author, I truly want to help people understand and heal from depression. I realize that the content is hard, and so I'm looking to do a rewrite of this book from two perspectives. The first book will deal with the 'lighter' side of depression. Depression, that hurts internally but doesn't have violent, dark or aggressive scenarios. You know, the kind of depression they show on TV commercials where an little blue umbrella hops along behind a 'sad' woman.
Reality is that depression has a violent side as well. So, I'm going to rewrite and rebrand a second book called "The dark side of depression - how to tame the beast within". The media wants to show depression as a 'sadness' without any energy behind the sorrow. However, I know that depresison can be violent, rolling, aggressive and dark as the back-side of the moon.
At anyrate, until I get the rewrite done, please be advised that "Depression Symptoms Decoded" has MATURE LANGUAGE AND SCENARIOS
Stephen Paul West