I have had some pain in my back after having my epidural,

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Back pain after the epidural?

  • EVA asked 3 weeks ago
I have had some pain in my back after having my epidural, it starts right in the spot where it was placed, and sometimes when I bend over or pick things up it sends a burning or stinging sensation down my entire spine. It wasn't bad at first, until I started working, now my back is hurting constantly I can barley even hold my daughter standing up it hurts so bad sometimes. I have talked to my doctor and he tells me don't bend over, squat. Well is some situations it isn't possible to squat. I try to stand straight, and sit straight it doesn't help. Does anyone know what I can do to reduce my pain.

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I saw a reader simply told you to exercise through the pain. I don't think you got great advice, since you have pain even standing. It is never okay to exercise through pain, but especially when you have a new baby. Bending over and caring for a baby will ALREADY be a huge workout. So let me offer some better advice.

This is probably sciatica caused by your pregnancy and the epidural. That means a nerve is inflamed.

One thing that will help is a Mueller back brace. 40% of people report it immediately removes pain, and its about $20.00. Well, worth it. There are many options on this link: Braces

However, the Mueller is really good and inexpensive.