Michele Bachmann. Not the mouthpiece but receptacle of the Tea Party

a law they don’t like. This behavior is certainly not democracy. This is tyranny.

This Tea Party Caucus is no different. They don’t like a rule, so they make a condition that obstructs obeying the rule. The sad and tragic part is it only took 49 of these blackmailers to seize the Republican Party, and then to seize the USA. Naturally, if allowed to continue, they will harm the entire global economy with a crisis of epic proportions. Ah, they do love drama.

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Stephen Paul West from the
Do we have some angry women ready fight pirates?
Hey! I have 490 feet of rope to hang these clowns.

If necessary, I am willing to weave the rope out of grass with my bare hands as I go east to Washington D.C. That’s the kind ‘no guv-mint’ pioneer justice these simpletons seek. I say let’s give it to them.

Seriously, the solution is just 49 people, 10 feet of rope each. According to my math….wait…. I’m forgetting Grover Norquist.

Anyway, the solution to the problem is only 10 feet of rope, perhaps reused 50 times to save costs.

My proposition is a good deal. America gets these monkeys out of Liberty’s purse, and we can all get back to making the nation function. Why isn’t my idea of forced