Antisemitism and the existance of the Jewish people

Most of the world will ask permission to exterminate the Jewish people. It is up to the Jewish people to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the polite and sinister requests.

Jewish Women Fighting in the Warsaw GhettoThere are no ‘hardline’ Jewish leaders. There are simply Jewish leaders who refuse to be killed by angry, bigoted and savage anti-Semites. Or, Jewish leaders stupidly allowing their own people to be setup for destruction.

Historical example: The Warsaw Ghetto saw 400,000 Jewish people ‘politely’ stuffed into a Ghetto. It saw only 2,000 fight. Modern Example: Israel wavering at first, and then not surrendering the Golan Heights. Israel must hold those Heights to protect itself from easy missile and artillary attacks from Syria.Every request for Israel to ‘give up’ something, is simply a tactical move by Antisemitist to ultimate wipe the Jewish people from the face of the earth. It is up to men like Netanyahu to always say ‘no’ in order to protect his citizens.”The Peace of Gaza” is a best selling novel that explorers an alternate history with peace in the Middle East. The short story of about 50 pages paints an amazing and vibrant possibility of true and lasting peace. I make no apologies for the strong message. The survival of any people is a story of strong (or weak) messages, that transform into survival or death.