Question and Answer Corner on Back Injury – Today its about college sports.

So, "Seattle Sports" asked a question about playing basketball with back injury:

"Should I workout/play basketball with a lumbar spine injury? So I've asked this question before... but I'm going to add to it. I have had bad Lumbar spine pain the past month and a half. I get numb toes, and leg pain and a burning sensation. It also hurts due to sciatica.

Here's the deal. I am going to the Dr. on Feb 10 and at that point we will come up with a treatment plan.

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Quick Question. I need immediate relief from pulling my back out. What do you recommend?

Quick back pain relief?

  • Stan M. asked 4 weeks ago
I really messed up my back shoveling snow and I have to work in 12 hours.

Best Answer Voter's Choice

  • Stephen Paul West answered 3 weeks ago
I like Arnicare Gel. You can get it at Walgreens or

Also, I bought a Mueller back brace for $20.00 at the link above and it really helps.

I hope you feel better fast.

I put a link to a best seller in sports medicine on back relief as my source.
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Continuous back pain after a pulled muscle two years ago! Help!

I received a cry for help from a reader who hurt his back TWO years ago. It seems like the doctors are willing to keep looking at it, but they haven't offered any day-to-day solutions to removing the pain.

Fortunately, "Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" is a filled with ways to get daily pain relief.

Lower back pain????????

  • Rob asks-

I've had lower back pain for a while now. I have had x-rays and all that comes back is slightly mild scoliosis in my middle back but I am having trouble with my lower back. My doctor said that I had some muscle spasms and said that I pulled a lower back muscle and THAT WAS 2 YEARS AGO! When I lay down on my stomach and release a breath my whole back aches like crazy. When my boyfriend rubs my back or even slightly touches my lower back it hurts so bad. Also if it helps any my hips hurt really bad at night. I can never get any sleep because my hips hurt so bad. My friend said something about a pinched nerve in her back that did that to her??? What could be doing this? Has anyone else ever experienced this? Any solutions?
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I have had some pain in my back after having my epidural,

Eva, a sciatica pain sufferer, asked a question about pregnancy and her epidural. The question of back pain during and after pregnancy is very common. "Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" is a best seller that helps anybody get back pain relief fast. The book is a best seller in sports medicine, but its information is definitely valuable for pregnancy back pain as well, as Eva asked below:

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My Yahoo migration lost my book marks FIXED.

I migrated to the new My.Yahoo.Com portal, only to find that my BOOKMARKS were gone.

Panic!!!! You bet.

Some of these urls I only access once a month, and have lovely secure addresses with cryptic sounding URLs. These are critical bookmarks as they point to my administrative pages for dozens of blogs, wikis, and URLs that I access for business.

I checked the My Yahoo tech support and community and found a widespread mutiny about the bookmark issue. Lots of people had bookmarks well organized (like me) alphabetically, and were doing serious administrative work using that funny little app. This was no fun, but after a few minutes I found that fix myself. (And no, this fix, is not easily documented on Yahoo, so I hope you find this article useful.)

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