A Visit with Master Artist John Grimball

I recently attended the Gallery event of Master Painter, John Grimball at the Art Affair Gallery Lakeway. The gallery is so tres chic and beautiful as to merit a separate discussion, but for the moment I can’t get John’s canvases out of the eye of my mind.

As a writer, I need to step away from my little writing world and experience new art, new perspectives and inspiring events. The whole “all work and no play makes Steve a dull boy” preventative sanity check; which is cured by the muse of other artists. The mastery of other inspired hearts expands my mind and clears my soul. This is good for my writing. This is good for me.

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Is anybody else tired of comparisons of God to Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and other fables?

So, my Facebook Newsfeed has multiple graphics equating believing in God as believing in Santa Clause. It is Christmas time, and Santa is the flavor di rigueur. However, every holiday has the same mindless ‘yuck yuck lol lol‘ stupidity. I’ve had enough.

I will answer this infantile caricature, because God is certainly God.

Evolutionist might have a point if the fossil timeline wasn’t just a fricken guess by people whose grants and prestige count on their own theories. I’m tired of people with no proof saying that God is an magical Santa in the sky. God clearly reveals his awesome complexity in all of creation. In most instances the evolutionary theory is implied to be ‘much superior’ to the primitive faith in an God who transcends space and time.However, the skulls evolutionist show ‘progressing’ are out of sequence per their own estimated age. There is no real fossil tree. It is manufactured by ‘artist rendering’. Much like the offensive ‘God is Santa for Grown Ups’ artists renderings. Furthermore, the glaring absence of a single fossil hybrid between plants and animals denounces any kind of evolutionary theory. This plant to animal gap is a major problem especially with ZERO fossil evidence. Evolution is the domain of the willfully ignorant championed by the deliberate fraudulent.Ah, this is my reaction is to the constant imperious tone of atheist and evolutionist calling “God being a magical imaginary Easter bunny/Santa/et al in the sky.”

The Scopes monkey trial. Yeah, the evidence was a forgery. Just a filed pigs tooth. The man who created the geological dating actually bought his fossils on the black market and kept the travel funds.Yet,paleontologyinsistson