Writing Tips from a Best Selling Author. The reality of idie writers

When I wrote my first novel 3 years ago, I had visions of writing the "All American Novel". Reality presented me with "Just an American Novel". Still, I did rather well -- and that book, "Blood and Venom" generated an opportunity to ghost-write a book for a family. I made more money writing the family biography than my novel!

However - I was hooked!

Three years later, I've finished my ninth book. I am finally figuring out my goals and marketing plan. Gone is the idea of NY Times Best Seller. Now, I just want to supplement my retirement in 20 years. That's it. And I'm happy with that idea. If I have 20 books (a reasonable number for me to write), I will bemakinganice

Comments on suicide and killing yourself quickly.

I recently answered a question from a reader who said something very concerning:

I am writing a book and looking to find a way to have one of the characters kill themselves, but I am horrible at writing "person in vast amounts of pain" views.

Perhaps the individual was writing a book, but it is also possible they were doing personal research on their own dark thoughts. Self-harm is no trifling matter, and I mixed my reply with the possibility it was just writers research, or the possibility of suicide. My reply:

The fictional story Jurassic Park used dinosaurs as a quick way to die.

But I'm not certain you want that kind of fiction. If I could recommend a great best-seller on helping cure depression, "Depression Symptoms Decoded"

Here's and excerpt from that book:

"Dark thoughts are very common, and most likely universal, so I’m certain I have a fairly large audience as I continue.

“The survey of 3,010 people over [the age of] 15 years old found (2.6%) subjects reported suicidal ideation in the past two weeks. “

The survey shows that nearly 3% of people have harmful thoughts within the last two weeks. This was a survey of a general population, so its 3% of everybody. That’s a lot of people.

The core of all dark thoughts comes from not feeling safe – specifically in not feeling safe from pain. If we can make a safe place from pain, then we are free from violent ideations.

If you remove the fear, pain, and anxiety from our lives; our brain will refocus on lighter thoughts automatically. Too often we try to banish the thoughts without respect to the banishing the pain. This is the proverbial cart before the horse."

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Kat Dennings is a Femme Fatale who definitely inspires writing

My female characters are always strong physically, and very comfortable pushing the limits of their sensuality. Perhaps a reader might feel this is fantasy - and this would be true except for one fact. My femme fatales are always patterned after a woman from my life. When women are comfortable, passionate and strong they will push the limits of their sexual identities.

“Goodnight,” Emily kissed Andrea’s brow. Andrea was right to know herself. For certain, even Emily realized that Andrea had a larger earthy sensuality than Emily. Andrea was like the passion of the sun. Emily was like the passion of the moon. The sun rules by day and the moon rules by night — and both have their place in the world. Both girls had much aesthetic corporeal energy — but Emily knew her’s was much darker. Just before she surrendered to dreams, she felt a wish that she could be innocent and sensual like Andrea. - Blood and Venom- my best selling paranormal thriller

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